How Deep the Father’s Love For Us
Custom Handpainted Sign on Reclaimed Wood


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I love the 1995 classic hymn, How Deep the Father’s Love For Us. I made this piece to visually portray the depth of that love. It features a small family riding in a small boat on a deep, blue body of water. This piece features me and my family. The one I make for you will feature you and your loved ones.

  • Built with solid, reclaimed pinewood
  • 24″ width, 18″ height, 1″ depth
  • Stained with Varathane’s “Vintage blue” and “Worn Navy”
  • Painted by hand according to pics provided by customer.

Out of stock

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How Deep the Father’s Love For Us Sign – Stained & Handpainted on Reclaimed Wood

I’d always assumed this song was an old hymn whose author passed away many years ago. But then, after making this sign, I did a little research on the song. I discovered that its author is still alive! And he wrote it as recently as 1995! Anyhow, it certainly does remind me of an old classic hymn. It’s a wonderful song with a lot of depth. So I recently decided to make a How Deep the Father’s Love for Us sign that would be as impactful as the song itself.

My simple objective upon beginning this project was to present two or three shades of blue…and then paint the title of the song in white letters. This, I figured, would convey the depth of God’s love for us…a love that runs deeper than an ocean.

After painting the white letters by hand, however, the emptiness on the upper-left side just didn’t seem right. I needed to add something. But what? Perhaps an empty boat. A boat, I figured, I could certainly paint well enough. But that would’ve lead to questions as to why the boat is empty in the middle of the ocean. “Is everybody ok?” “Were they eaten by a shark?”

Handpainted Sign

I then started to paint myself alone in the boat. Next thing I know, I’m painting my wife at one end of the boat…leaning back and propping herself up by her arms. And then I added my boy at the other end of the boat. True to his personality, he’s not looking at us. Instead, he’s just staring off into the distance instead of sharing the moment with his boring parents.

Although I liked how the piece was coming together, I was a little conflicted. Who’s going to want to buy this piece if it features my family in the boat? Well, my wife certainly wanted it…she totally loved it. But as for the next one I make, however, I figured I’d paint the loved ones of whoever buys it.

So that’s the deal…if you buy this piece, send me side-profile pics of the people you’d like me to include in the boat…and I will add them.


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