Welcome to my site. I’m Joseph Gonzales. Here’s a little about me. After graduating from college in 1999, still trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a career, I realized I wanted to work with wood. The first thing I built was a massive bunk bed with 4 x 6 posts and long, thick bolts at each corner. It was so big, it never went into the house and no one ever slept on it.

Though the project didn’t work out as planned, it firmly planted the woodworking bug in my heart. My career has gone in several directions over the years, but I kept returning to my tools. Even when I only had an apartment with a 4 x 8′ patio, I maximized every inch of that patio so I could work and build furniture inside of it (small projects only, of course).

From 2004 to 2011, I lived in Austin, Texas. I held several jobs, but also built and sold my woodwork on Craigslist. It gave me so much satisfaction to see clients proudly display my work in their homes.

From 2012 to 2018, I lived in South Florida. It was there that I married my amazing wife, Aniela. And it was there that our son Abram was born. Having no garage at our home, I worked out on the grass on a couple of sawhorses.


The lack of a proper work space made it hard to take on any serious projects. Nonetheless, I did what I could and built various pieces here and there.

Pearland, Texas

All that changed in April 2018 when we moved to my hometown of Houston, Texas. We bought a spacious house in Pearland where I have a dedicated space to work on projects of any size.

Thoughts and plans for woodworking were churning through my mind. I knew it was only a matter of time before I began to build and sell my work again. But this time, it wouldn’t be a half-hearted, disorganized effort with inconsistent marketing.

Instead, I would set it up right from the start, an official business. I would take full advantage of the woodworking, website and social media skills I’ve learned over the years to give this company its best chance to succeed.

As for massive bunk bed, the project wasn’t a total failure after all. Many years later, a woman contacted me about it. She needed a simple bed for her little boy. By this time, the big 4 x 6 posts were long gone. I used them for some other project. But I still had the sturdy bed frame. She paid me for it, we loaded it onto her truck and off she went. I loved knowing that a little boy somewhere was sleeping in something I built.

Welcome to Joseph’s Woodwork & Crafts Company!

That sentiment is the motivation behind this business; the wonderful feeling of being invited into your home to serve a specific purpose, to be beautiful and become a part of your family. Thank you for visiting my site and browsing my catalog. I’m looking forward to working with you.


Joseph Gonzales
Pearland, Texas