Cedar Planter Box


Simple 3 x 1 x 1 cedar garden box with handles for those veggies, fruits and herbs that need to be moved around on occasion.

  • Built with untreated western red cedar pickets
  • Available in multiple lengths, from 3 to 12 feet
  • Standard 12″ width, 16″ overall height including 13″ of soil depth
  • Slight gaps between bottom slats for drainage
  • Currently available for pickup in Pearland, Texas
  • Delivery available in Houston with delivery fee
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Grow your flowers, herbs or veggies in this sturdy and stylish cedar planter box. The box in the photos is just over 3 ft in length, 1 ft wide and 16 in high. On the inside, you’ll have 13 in of depth for your soil. I can build these with any length you need.

We call this box “Fency” due to its obvious resemblance to a cedar picket fence. And cedar fence pickets are exactly what this box is made of. The pickets are untreated. Untreated cedar, however, endures moisture and extreme weather quite well. Painting and/or sealing the box is an addon option for this box. This preserves the color and integrity of the wood, which makes it last even longer.

Cedar is naturally rot resistant. Also, spiders and bugs don’t like cedar.

Fency Cedar Planter Box

The idea for the design of the Fency Cedar Planter Box followed a busy year in which we sold hundreds of planter boxes in our two original designs. The boards of those boxes run horizontally…or parallel to the ground. As popular as those boxes are, they present some dimensional limitations since pickets are only available in 6ft and 8 ft lengths.

Another limitation of those original box designs is the difficulty of shipping them. They’re cannot be shipped in pieces or assembled by the client. They have to ship as a whole box, which makes them cost-prohibitive to ship.

The Fency box resolved both of those issues.

With its boards running vertically, there’s no limit to the length of a Fency box. It can be 12 ft in length or even longer.

cedar planter box

Further, from the beginning, the Fency Planter Box was designed to be disassembled, shipped in an efficient package and easily reassembled by the client. For now, the Fency cedar planter box is available for pickup in Pearland or for local delivery in Houston. But we’re looking forward to shipping one to you and your garden.

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